Fast Ballistic Helmet

Fast Ballistic Helmet

The Fast Ballistic Helmet designed to be the most comfortable, lightweight, durable, and convenient. For instance, Masada Armour helmets offer the highest ballistic 3A/IIIA by NIJ standard and anti-trauma protection level. Therefore, its protect against various threats faced by Soldiers, Policemen, and Law Enforcement personnel in operations and combat missions.

The Fast Ballistic Helmet is suitable for Soldiers, police officers, security personnel, bodyguards, and even search and rescue teams. For instance, this helmet has a ballistic protection 3A/IIIA based NIJ standard. Therefore, has enhanced comfort and freedom of movement. Finally, the material in the helmet protects from the impact as well. In addition, there is Picatinny side helmet rails that are allowing the installation of a wide range of accessories.  Note: (Proof of job-related required: law enforcement, fire rescue, police, private security)


    • The Fast combat helmet is suitable for Soldiers, police officers, security personal, bodyguards, and even search and rescue teams.
    • Ballistic protection 3A/IIIA by NIJ standard
    • Enhanced comfort and freedom of movement
    • Impact and Ballistic protection 
    • Easy adjustment system
    • Upper Velcro for patches
    • Picatinny Side helmet rails (allowing installation of a wide range of accessories)
    • NVG shrouds
    • Lightweight

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Fast Ballistic Helmet

Detailed description:

    • Sizes: Two sizes of the helmets (M-L)
    • Velcro: Upper Velcro for patches
    • System: Side helmet rail system
    • Made in Israel


    • Find care instructions inside of the Ballistic helmet

Vest Color:

Black, Blue and Olive Green(new colors will be available in the future)

Brand and Manufacturer:

Masada Armour

Warranty:  For instance, the suspension and harness system is guaranteed against inferior quality materials and workmanship for a period of one year. Therefore, the helmet shell is guaranteed for a period of 5 years.