Masada Armour

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MASADA ARMOUR is the manufacture, designer, and provider of a unique range of protective equipment and comprehensive textile solutions. For instance, MASADA ARMOUR supports its clients’ challenging requests worldwide. In addition, it commits to quality, schedule, and performance.

For instance, the MASADA ARMOUR team brings an innovative and creative approach that enables to support the needs of critical military operations. Therefore, every day demands police work, border patrol missions, and civilian works.

For instance, the company uses state-of-the-art fabrics, accessorize, and raw material that complies with NIJ & Mil specs. Their long-lasting operational experience comes from the forefront of the military and police operations.

Protective Equipment

The company understands the importance of reliable and comfortable equipment as the cornerstone of an end-user. Therefore, its products are designed and manufactured for extensive long-lasting comfortable usage. From the urban environment to extreme climate, from special operations to everyday usage – we will protect and serve your challenging needs.


    1.  Protective equipment – certified NIJ IIIA 01.01.04 / 01.01.06.

    2.  Protective plates – advanced composite material: Al2O3, PE, Al2O3, SIC

    3.  Aramid / Kevlar solutions.

    4.  Special fabrics – fire retardant fabrics, UV invisible fabrics, Dry-fit fabrics, camouflage fabrics.

    5.  Mil-spec. accessories – angels, zippers, scotch, rings, hooks, clamps.

MASADA ARMOUR  is a certified supplier of the Israeli ministry of defense, Israeli police, international defense industry companies, and civilian companies.