Ballistic and Tactical Gear

Bulletproof and Tactical Gear

We are proud to present you with high-quality Ballistic and Tactical Gear products Made in Israel at an affordable price. Our Bulletproof and Tactical Gear are manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory with the best material in the ballistic and tactical gear market.

A professional team with a lot of knowledge and experience in the security field is designing and conceiving these products. They have dedicated their lives to developing safe, operational, and ergonomic products essential for any and all security. The wide range of military and security products are of the highest quality and meet the demands of all service standards.

Therefore, our Bulletproof and Tactical Gear products have a combination of different materials such as plastic, metal, composites, and ballistic elements. 

They are able to manufacture products with high durability and comfort of use both in the operational aspect and ergonomic aspects.

Their manufacturing lines are capable of manufacturing thousands of items per month. For instance, they are using top-of-the-edge machinery and equipment such as 3D designing software. In addition, they are also using automatic computer cutting machines.

Among our customers are military, paramilitary, law enforcement, and security organizations across the globe.