Help IDF

On October 7, 2023 South of Israel towns and kibbutz have been attacked without mercy  by squads of Hamas Terrorists.

Innocent people have been killed savagely at a music festival in the  desert and in their homes. There women of all ages have been raped and executed, men tortured, babies and toddlers beheaded and burned. Also their pets have been killed!

More than hundred women, grandmothers, young girls, mothers with their babies, men, and children have been kidnapped and brought back to Gaza to be raped and tortured and eventually killed.

To save those people, IDF need to enter in Gaza. Several IDF Soldiers need proper protection ballistic equipment to be able to safely serve in their units and be able to enter Gaza and save all the hostages. Through our contact in Israel, we can deliver these items directly to their unit. Any donation can help. Thank you!