Body Armor IIIA 2 Ceramic Plates IV

Body Armor IIIA + 2 Ceramic Plates IV

Body Armor IIIA 2 Ceramic Plates IV, is a body armor vest for police and security uses. For instance, the external vest has a design to protect at level IIIA. In addition, it has the best protection for the wearer while keeping it comfortable while on duty.

Ceramic 2 Plates Protection Level IV (4) is a panel that is an add-on component/insert in conjunction with Body Armor level IIIA. Therefore, its primary purpose is to absorb and disrupt the kinetic energy of a bullet impact and reduce the blunt trauma transferred to the wearer of the vest.


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    • The vest is assembled on the front and back parts made possible to split. Therefore, a flexible system of fixing by shoulder bands and waist flaps with Hook & loop fasteners.
    • The body armor level IIIA has two inner pockets, one on the front and one on the rear side of the vest for additional ballistic panels of size 250 x 300 mm. Therefore, this is upgrading the protection level of the vest.
    • For instance, the design of the vest makes it possible to remove ballistic protection panels (soft and hard) out for cleaning the vest.
    • In addition, the covers of the vest and the soft ballistic panels are visibly marked by a label containing the below-listed details:

– Name and address of the manufacturer

– Model of a ballistic vest

Class of protection level according to NIJ interim requirements (0101.06 STD.)

– Size

– Lot number

– Serial number

– Date of manufacturing

– Care instructions

    • Shoulder fitting straps are 70 mm. wide, have a pad of at least 5 mm of EVA foam for the comfort of the wearer.
    • Side fitting closures are wide (200 mm.) for full grasping between front and back panels.
    • The surface material of the vest carrier- 600 dn. Polyester or 500 dn. Nylon coated with water repellent material. Different materials are available upon request.
    • Available colors- Black, Green, Navy Blue. Camouflage colors are available upon request.
    • The weight of vest including soft ballistic panels: Approx. 2.5 kg depending on the size of the vest.

Soft ballistic panels:

 Warranty, Specific Requests:

    • Ballistic protection properties  5 years manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Vest carrier warranty is effective for 12 months after delivery against manufacturing defects that might be found by the user.

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Standards Levels of Protection